Simplex boiler

Having neither of us having ever built a boiler. I started asking the chaps at PADMEC a few questions. Given the cost of the materials, if we get it wrong, the boiler is effectively scrap metal. Therefore it makes sense to find a professional to build one. That also has the added bonus of a guarantee. I found that Maxitrack were selling a fully TIG welded copper boiler but it was very expensive. Although after much digging around I discovered the chap that Maxitrack subcontract the boiler making to. My father spoke to him and the cost is much less.

Simplex Plans

I decided to buy a set of Simplex plans for myself to study. The plans are certainly not the easiest to read. I’ve decided to try and plot the frames on a computer.

It’s very frustrating at the lack of detail for some dimensions. The radius at theĀ front and two at the rear of the frame I found very annoying. The centre point of the radii are not indicated, leading to much supposition of the exact location. As I had almost finished plotting out the frame I realised a mistake I had made. The last part of the frame is not square, it’s slightly tapered!